In 1993, this hospital started as a small, 13-bed primary hospital near Thana Baradari, conceived by the doctor couple – Dr. Ajai Bharti & Dr. Anita Ajai, who opted to stay in Bareilly and serve the local population. This hospital catered to the medical needs of low to middle income families in the vicinity; providing acute and chronic care, inpatient and OPD, 24-hour pharmacy, laboratory and x-ray services at par with secondary hospitals in the region and at a very effective cost. 
Armed with knowledge and training from a premiere universities followed by 5 year work experience at Clara Swain Mission Hospital Bareilly, the two doctors were able to earn the trust and confidence of the  patients, drawing patients from surrounding localities also.
In 1995, Endoscopic urological procedures were begun and today all Uro surgeries- URS, PCNL, TUR, TUR(P) are being done endoscopically
In 1997, the hospital started its second 13 Bedded unit at Rampur Garden where it is still running, gradually by 2001 the campus near Thana Baradari was closed due to lack of space there.
In 1998 the hospital stated providing Ultrasonography facilities to its patients.
By 1999 the hospital was using computers for accounting and inventory management.
In 1998, Laparoscopic Gall Bladder surgeries were begun for the first time in Bareilly at Jeevan Jyoti hospital and today Dr. Ajai Bharti has more than 5000 lap Surgeries to his credit. Presently all types of Laparoscopic abdominal surgery like Gall Bladder, Appendix, Hernia, Hysterctomy, ovarian tumors and ectopic pregnancies etc, are being successfully being performed here.
In 2003 a fully equipped 4 bedded ICU was begun.
In 2009 the OT complex was renovated and a fully equipped state of art OT complex came into existence: comprising of 2 Major Operating rooms, a labour room, a Minor OT, a 2 bedded recovery room with all types of patient monitors, a doctors room, a change room and a sterilization unit, with a two level air curtaining inside OT complex (for better sterilization). In 2012, the hospital was renovated to become what it is today: a three-story, 38-bed capacity, second-level, hospital. Major changes made were:
  • Improvement of the Wards
  • Improvement of the Laboratory
  • Additional OPD clinics
  • Air conditioned waiting area.
  • Improvement of the Operating Room and Delivery Room
  • Special Holding Areas providing ICU care
  • New Emergency Room
  • Ultrasound Room
  • Labour Room
  • New Suite Rooms